My new fishtank design, thoughts?


Nice idea :+1:…as an idea, I wouldn’t use the fish as a second hand but let them swim through the clock face.

You can see how this works in the inspection mode

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Nice Example. Thanks for that. Tasty looking Fish. :grin:

Here are my thoughts on that: Pretty colors, but a mistake that a lot of beginners make with images circling the watch face is that they need to keep an eye on the finished animation to make sure whatever image used does not end up moving upside down at some point – whether you are using fish, butterflies, birds, etc… When using fish, if you can have them move horizontally, that usually looks more realistic. There are tutorials and help posts in the community that will show how to move images in various directions.

i like the idea but there is no inspection mode, and i have no idea how to do that? can you open inspection mode please?

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Inspection mode is open.
Click on the Name of the watch then little Rocket.
We learn these tricks as we go : )

i know, but for me the inspection icon button is not there at all , i have it available for other watches that i am learning from but this one does not have it there, its ok tho i have been reading and was given some code and found some code to make things work,

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oh now its there, it has not been there for last few hours ,…wierd

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May be Raven is working on it.
That Facer Server must be so busy : )

this is a neat idea …my opinion the fish are had to see on the dark back ground