My New Watchface, Just something i made for myself

Hey! This is my first ever watch-face, took some time to make but i’m happy with it.

What are your thoughts?


Hello and welcome to Facer Community.
I like the colors on this first watch face, but I am having trouble reading the small text and your logo. I was going to offer suggestions, but as long as you made it for yourself, and you are happy with it, that’s all that matters. Have fun!

Hello @TrippinTricky Welcome! Not much I can suggest other then the font is a bit small for me personally like @Linlay said. However it’s for you so as long as you’re happy with then well done!

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Some fonts are too small, overall a successful project. My congratulations

Totally agree with all of you, as fast as i had it on my actual watch i realized this and i’m probably gonna go fix it asap. Thank you for your feedback.

@syntaxracing I was wondering if i could use string in here? i wan’t the clock to be able to read phone identity, can’t seem to find the tag for it and i can’t bring my own code into the projects… Is there any way to do this that i havn’t figured out?

Updated. Any better now?? :smiley:



I’m not sure what you mean by phone identity. Do you mean these?

Also that face is much easier to read and overall I think it looks much better. Great job.

More or less the equal as " #ZDEVICE# " only so it identifies the name of the phone instead of the clock.

Say i named my phone " Orjan’s S8 " i want the face to recognize that name, so if someone else was to use my watchface it would say " Hi (phone name)! " instead of my name.


It could ofcourse just read the watch name then people would have to rename the watch name instead of the phone name.

i also wondered how i made one of the elements customizable, say i was to release it i want people to be able to remove my logo if they so choose.

I don’t believe this is possible on all accounts at this point. There isn’t a tag that can read the phone or watch’s name. The tags I sent you are as close as we can get at this point. As for all customizable options are currently only for premium designers. Also there is no way for users to upload their logo/picture into a watch face. It can only be options put in place by the designer when published.

Didn’t want them to be able to put their own in, just wanted to be able to remove mine.

Thanks for you help.

Oh yeah ok, well that would only be do-able with premium designer features at this stage. Also if you would like a tag that would read the phone/watch names you could go over to the feature request portion of the forum and post your request. They may or may not add it in if it’s possible. Worth a shot!