My Newest Design

This is my newest design and possibly my best, it took me MONTHS to build and create it due to all of the complications. Let me know what you think.


Very nicely done. You managed to put lot of info into the design. It is completly allright as it is, but maybe you could consider some of following points.

Some texts may be smaller than comfortable. Maybe you can make clone of it with little less info, with better readability. Also consider either use some kind of monospaced font or at least align the time field to the left, so it does not jump around each second. One catchy feature could be, making the hands to lift from 0 to actual value on the wake, like when starting a car.

@petruuccios Thank you for your response. I will definitely look into making some of those changes you pointed out. I actually did think about creating a short sequence that would move the hands completely around and back on the dials but felt that I did not have enough time to do so. I may add that in another version of this design.

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Definately a lot of good work gone into this face. Nice one.

After trial and error in my first few weeks using facer I now tend to make it a point to use monospaced fonts and always use leading zeros on time and date fields to avoid jumping about.
For things like heart rate and steps I tend to left ot right align them to the side of the watch they appear on so they expand away from the edge as it looks more natural.

It’s a different way to look at things, and is awesome.

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