My next London Patern Watch

Give me some feed back on this one i am not 100% sure on it press the center to reveal the workings


I love it, maybe (IMHO) reduce the brightness of the center collapsing disc?

cool is that better?

Much better mate, not a torch any more :wink:

I always like your mechanical ones.

created a second version im happier with this one


maybe have both and toggle them as optional skins?

Cool idea check it out on the original at top bottom swaps and top opens

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I love the details, amazing, great job

Love it mate. Like Mankind versus Alien or a battle tech ying & yang lol. I think Nemesis when I look at it.

Both are very nice and switching between the two works well!

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Why does the hour hand go all the way down? Can’t tell if it’s 7:30 or 8

Hour hand needs to be this long so you can more accurately see where it is pointing ie halfway between 7 & 8 for 7:30 :wink:

idk, it’s nine and it looks as much 9:30 as it does 9.