My Om-Nom-Nom collection

Hello​:wink: Not so long ago, I became a mother and when my baby sleeps, I discovered a new hobby for making faces for watches. Its very interesting,I am very glad that I can share my creativity here​:blush::blush::blush:


On the 2nd watch, the time is hard to read cause of the font/color selection…

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Very nice!

I took a look at your page and you have a great many wonderful faces that are full of life and colour - they are lovely. Well done :+1:

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I know :blush:I tried to make it look like a watermelon, i can only like that, it’s just for fun, some people can’t read analog watches( for example me sometimes​:rofl:). Thank you for your feedback,I will try again play with colours and stroke.

Thank you so much,it’s very nice to read positive feedback,I try do my best, maternity leave reveals hidden creativity​:joy::blush:

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Gosh, you must be hungry! I wish I had one of those watermelon cookies to go with my coffee right about now. :yum:
Yes, the fonts are difficult to read. It might be better to use a font that is more readable. Not all cute fonts look well on watches because people need to be able to read the characters quickly.
Enjoy your maternity leave! When I was on maternity leave I was into making quilts. The child grew more quickly than my quilting skills so I ended up with some unfinished work, but the children turned out ok.


Thank you for all your wishes :blush:I will learn and try to be at the same level as you, your page was the first, which I began to follow​:yum: