My watch face disappeared from my creator site :(

I made the watch face for more than 2 years ago. A user wanted me to update some stuff which I did. And suddenly after the fix and the update the watch face disappeared. And on the watch face site you see this message: This content was automatically removed due to suspected copyright/trademark infringement. That is bullshit. The only thing that I suspect is that I’m on vacation in Thailand and some how the facer platform mix up things. I have no idea how to get my watch face back. :frowning:
Nothing is left not even the name of the watch. :frowning:
Any one know how to get help?

I got this automated e-mail and also a picture of my watchface.

Seriously which Casio watch did I copy? Is this a joke?

Dear Facer User:

We removed the watch face “Renex neon blue” that you posted on Sunday, November 24th 2019 at 12:08:05 AM +00:00 because our system flagged that it may be infringing on the copyrights or trademarks of these brands: Casio .

If you are the copyright/trademark owner, the agent of the copyright/trademark owner or otherwise have documented permission to publish this watch face, you can appeal the removal. Upon proper proof of your ownership/authority and completion of the applicable documentation your watchface may be re-activated. Please make sure to attach any relevant documentation to your appeal so our team can review it and process your request.

I’ve been caught by the filters a couple of times, so I am familiar with how frustrating it can be. I don’t know if your situation was a false positive or not, but I would suggest replying to the email that you received so that Facer Support can take a look at the automated system, and based on their findings possibly restore your design. It might be good to refrain from using profanity and a snarky tone in your communication with Support. Best of luck in resolving this.