My watch face disappeared from my creator site :(

I made the watch face for more than 2 years ago. A user wanted me to update some stuff which I did. And suddenly after the fix and the update the watch face disappeared. And on the watch face site you see this message: This content was automatically removed due to suspected copyright/trademark infringement. That is bullshit. The only thing that I suspect is that I’m on vacation in Thailand and some how the facer platform mix up things. I have no idea how to get my watch face back. :frowning:
Nothing is left not even the name of the watch. :frowning:
Any one know how to get help?

I got this automated e-mail and also a picture of my watchface.

Seriously which Casio watch did I copy? Is this a joke?

Dear Facer User:

We removed the watch face “Renex neon blue” that you posted on Sunday, November 24th 2019 at 12:08:05 AM +00:00 because our system flagged that it may be infringing on the copyrights or trademarks of these brands: Casio .

If you are the copyright/trademark owner, the agent of the copyright/trademark owner or otherwise have documented permission to publish this watch face, you can appeal the removal. Upon proper proof of your ownership/authority and completion of the applicable documentation your watchface may be re-activated. Please make sure to attach any relevant documentation to your appeal so our team can review it and process your request.

I’ve been caught by the filters a couple of times, so I am familiar with how frustrating it can be. I don’t know if your situation was a false positive or not, but I would suggest replying to the email that you received so that Facer Support can take a look at the automated system, and based on their findings possibly restore your design. It might be good to refrain from using profanity and a snarky tone in your communication with Support. Best of luck in resolving this.


Hi Linay,
Thank you for your e-mail. Its ok. I got the watch faces back but lost download data for the last face. Still its ok. The filter was that I wrote in description “like old style casio watch” and that did it…
Best Regards!

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Hello babak,
I don’t recall sending you an email. Facer’s automated system must have sent you the email with a copy of this discussion update. Nevertheless, I am glad that everything got straightened out. Cheers!

It is kind of ridiculous that Facer is full with a lot of IP designs existing right now, with a lot of logos and characters from big franchises and brands, evidently without any permission but at the same time they are deleting designs like yours. It feels very arbitrary how they choose what is “allow”.

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@babak . The Facer Bot will Check ALL the text in your Publication . Some times stuff gets through . I had one taken down for using the word " zenith " to describe the Highest point of the Sun in the Sky . So now I have to use 8 words not one .
Remember to Duplicate your work before you Publish .

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When you use a logo or clone a brand’s design you are gambling that it will never be noticed. It can stay in view for a long time until the brand finally decides to check. One of these days Disney may come over here and send Facer a Takedown for every single Mickey Mouse they find. If you copy something that is the risk you take.

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