My Watch Face Request

Hi there,
Can anyone out there please re-create this Garmin Fenix face called “My Watch” ?
The author stopped updating it on Garmin watches a year ago. Thanks in Advance


That’s pretty sharp. The New Guy here. Pardon my naivete but what happens if they stop updating?

Also, do people take requests because I’ve got a ton of ideas. I just want to learn how.

The author stopped supporting it and you can not get it on the newest Fenix watch models. I really liked the watch face. It would be great if someone called do a Facer version of it. I am not sure where you put requests for people to do either.

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You should check out the one I’m using right now, it’s pretty close to it. I wanted to try and upload a pic of it but apparently I’m too new. It shows on my Facer profile though.