My watch face showed up in another app

Has anyone heard of watch faces gallery apps … I was looking at other watch face apps trying to find something I could use as a mock up. I wanted to give etsy a try. I randomly picked watch faces gallery apps and one of my watch faces showed up. Is facer associated with this app or is some random person trying to sell my watch face? What should I do next?
Image 10-14-23 at 8.29 PM

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What do you mean by a “mock up”?

I was trying to see more examples of good ways to show how the watch face looked. Maybe mock up was the wrong word or maybe I misunderstood what it meant. What I guess I really want to know is has this happened to anyone else? Is this a well known site or some random scam?

Unless you were designing a promotional image, I don’t quite understand what you were trying to do, so I won’t be much help. Perhaps someone who is more familiar with this and the app can help you.

I think I haven’t explained this well. I was looking at watches to see all the different ways they are displayed so yes I was thinking about making a promotional image. Then I check out an app and one of my designs is on it.
I was confused and wondered if facer has other sites it also sells watch faces on. Now I think it probably has nothing to do with them and someone scraped it off the internet. I don’t know if I should be upset or happy that someone thought my watch face was good enough to steal. So this post might be going nowhere but I am still very curious how often this happens. I’m asking if this has happened to someone else here and what they did or how they reacted. Thanks

Yes, it happens every so often. If it is an original image created by you (not AI or using a pre-made image from an image site), you can send a takedown notice to the site in question and probably the app store. As far as AI, the last time I checked US law does not recognize people as the original artist - as if you actually painted with a brush. Therefore it cannot be copyrighted.


I was curious what could be “made” or found over there. This wont help you probably, but whoever they are, I think they are not selling any “standalone” watch face, if they refer to “watch faces gallery apps”. At least I could not find there any. There were only images, that can be used as watch face background in your watch trough its companion app on the phone. It has nothing with Facer, something like this:


Thanks this is the information I was looking for.

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You’re welcome.