My Watch Faces are all Premium Only

I am still trying to get help with this concern.
All my Facer devices and creator are functioning fine.

My issue is with my Pro Creator Subscription. I just upgraded to Pro Creator and made some changes to some faces and uploaded them to the Facer app.
I now see that my watch faces are listed as “Premium Only” on my my different watch face choice pages. My faces are still free to upload so why are they listed under “Premium Only”. This is very misleading and I am sure I am now missing out on uploads.
Can you please correct and/or explain this to me.
ThankYou. Scott.

If you have used Pro tools – such as those for adding shortcuts to apps (activity, weather, calendar, etc.) the watch faces are automatically classed as Premium Only…
Note: They show to you as Free because they are yours. I’m guessing that the rest of the world sees them as Premium Only.


Thanks for getting back to me Linlay.
That really makes no sense. How is one supposed to get 3 designs synced 3000 times to gain Premium Designer. I figured if I invested in PRO it would help by making my faces more professional and appealing. What is the point of having a service that actually hinders you. Am I right? If not, explain to me how you get to Premium Designer with no real tools to show your work.

You would have to ask Facer Staff that question.
Facer had an open call for partner applicants a few months ago. I think those people already had a following on Instagram, etc… The only suggestion I can offer is to use Instagram and the Facer Facebook group to get your designs noticed. No, the pro tools do not hinder you. It shows how creative you can be when you use them.

Thanks for the input. I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction from creating faces. Most importantly I enjoy creating them for other people to enjoy. That’s the most important thing. Stay Healthy and keep facing. Scott

I was wondering the same thing. It’s hard enough to get exposure just releasing free faces, let alone premium faces. I want to make watches with chronographs, toggled layering, etc, etc., but who would ever see them? One should be able to build a following and garner syncs through the biggest audience possible, then go on to more advanced premium functions to demonstrate your ability, and also demonstate the viability to Facer that your watches could actually sell. But i’m new, i’ll just keep doing it for fun yeah?

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Unfortunately there is no way around it.

I remember how surprised I was when I made my first Pro watchface just to discover that it’s marked as Premium. Also thought I’m doing something wrong, made no sense to me.

It’s the way Facer works, I don’t think it will be changed. When you use Pro tools your watchfaces are marked as Premium. You, the designer, are the only one who can upload them to watch even if you are not a Premium member.

If you avoid using Pro tools you can still make Free watchfaces.

I also think there should be New Free and New Premium catogories.

I found a sort of way around it. I don’t know how well it would work.

I made duplicated a couple of watch faces and removed the PRO functions so they are “free”. It seems to be working. At least I am getting a little more exposure again.


Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Without PRO features you are back to free.

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Yes I understand that. Just would be nice to have free watch faces with features. It is what it is.

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Facer Have to have some Levarage or they would not be Commercial. You will appreciate that when they Invite you to become a Partner.