My weather Icon almost never works Why?

I have a samsung gear s3. The faces I use that has the weather Icon,almost never works and only displays horizontal lines. What do i need to do to activate this function?

Horizontal lines is the icon for it being cloudy. So if you are somewhere that is cloudy a lot then that would explain it.

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hmm ok…I’ll wait till the weather changes then. Thank you

My faces with weather are often very inaccurate. From what I can tell, if you do not have your GPS active on your phone your weather info will not be correct. There is an option in facer settings to set your default zip code so that the weather should work even with GPS disabled but mine doesn’t seem to make a difference. Is your GPS normally turned off? @Facer_Official any insight on this problem?

My GPS is always on. Let me check the GPS status on the gear 3

I’ll get back to you but I think their all on

Same problem on the Samsung Gear S3, non-LTE. Have the GPS turned on on both watch and phone, but it’s almost never accurate, and I think the times that it was right was luck.

The weather app that comes with the watch does update accurately.

Same here…it almost never works on my watch