Navi Pro V2 Face with new stuff

Well this was just an excuse to try out some new maths

This uses the gps coordonates from your device to show on the map i need to get some people to test it and if it works i can then move onto bigger more detailed maps and tracking.


Wow, there’s loads of info there mate, great job :+1: I’ll check it out on my Galaxy 46" for you a little later

I do love maps on watch faces, as I’ve done a few myself. I tried to sync this to my galaxy watch, bu the button just says unpublished, & does not sync. It looks great though. I love how much stuff you put in there, but from a practical perspective, there’s no way I can read that without some strong reading glasses.

sorry it is published now i agree the text is small but if you press the screen 3 times you can magnify to see it clearer lol

I tried it out, and I think the GPS is working, but it is a little hard to tell since there is not much detail on the map. It kind of looks like Vancouver on the west coast of NA. Compass doesn’t work on Samsung watches by the way, so that doesn’t work. Even with my reading glasses, I can’t read most of the text. As a proof of concept though, you nailed it.


great thanks mate i will be doing a more comprehensive map shortly

I synced it to my Fossil Q Explorist and it showed me two things. First it shows that I’m in the water on the north end of Lake Michigan when in fact I’m in southern Indiana about 75 miles (121 KM) NW of Louisville KY

The second thing it’s showing me is I desperately need to clean the crystal on my test watch. :joy:

I synced it last night and just like Brad I couldn’t see it too well at all (3 taps on my screen brings up my choices of Faces) I could however see that the GPS had me in roughly the right place. Maybe to make things clearer/bigger to see you could do a Premium one where different parts could be on different displays when you tapped them? I don’t know if that’s possible sorry, I don’t have Premium, but I know kvansant has info on different displays with all his excellent hybrid Faces…just a thought mate

I like it. Most stuff is readable to me, but could be a bit bigger/brighter. The Fossil Gen5 I use seems to render fonts slightly bigger, so you can see the “…” everywhere where the text does not fit. You should turn off “fixed size” or make it a bit bigger.

The location on the map is ok, it’s a bit off, but the general idea works (could be the scaling, or the map you use, make sure you have a map that is complete, some don’t have the full poles on there)

I zoomed a bit to show you how much it is off (approximately)

The compass is a bit counter intuitive, it took a while to figure that out… I would rotate a disc with the letters on it, so it always faces upward (or at least have the red part always face north)

Thanks guys for all your input on this one i have made some changes as requested also improved map resolution by 10 also i need someone with a samsung to test if the compass turns off on those watches.

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Gonna sync it to test for you now mate…

Awesome thanks mate

There is no Compass mate, it’s a little Analogue Clock instead
I can read everything ok as well now, but the GPS is now putting my position somewhere in Ireland, it’s still really small to see properly sorry

cool thats exactly what i was hoping for as i was told the compass feature wont work on samsung watches so no point having it on

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I just edited my last comment and left a comment plus wrist selfie on your Face in the App

I’ve synced it on both my test watch a Fossil Q Explorist and my Galaxy Watch 46mm and the clock/compass works perfect. The map is still showing me about 300 miles (483 km) north and 150 miles (241 km) west of where I’m actually at. BUT, I just noticed it is doing the same thing with Los Angeles CA. It is showing it in northern California or southern Oregon instead of southern California like it really is. I suspect it’s a bug in Facer because I seem to remember other peoples watches do the same thing.

cool thanks mate

ok guys this is my final version of this watch my main aim was to make use of the gps function and prove it can be used if you live in the uk you will see its totally possible as this shows. Unfortunately i am now bored of it lol so i will open it all up for inspection and hope someone out there wants to do a better job than me thanks guys.

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This works brilliantly on my Samsung Galaxy 46" thanks Daz :+1:
The GPS is spot on, and I can even see my location and surrounding areas when I tap on the map and it zooms in, absolutely brilliant job you’ve done on this :clap: