Navigator collection

Hi everyone,
checkout this amazing collection of watch faces.
You can find a lot of useful information if you want to go to sea.
Enjoy the retro spirit of the Back To The Futur and Knight Rider versions

informations :

  • compass
  • sunrise
  • sunset
  • date
  • time
  • heart rate
  • steps
  • kilometers
  • sea tides (based on Brest city FRANCE)
  • moon phase
  • wind force
  • wind direction
  • temperature
  • weather symbol
  • humidity
  • watch battery
  • phone battery

ENJOY IT ! (and share of course :wink:)


Very nice @kris171182. The only thing that gets me as a knight rider fan (when I was a kid) is your lights are not quite as smooth as they should be, if you’re selling it as Knight Rider. Really cool collection though :slight_smile:

Seriously ?!?!!

I mean no disrespect, just an observation, I’m sorry if i offended you.