Need a little help with a boolean

I’m trying to make some text only visible when the step counter hits certain intervals. For instance, between 0 and 200 steps, the text should be visible. Right now I have:

$ #ZSC# > 0 && #ZSC# < 200 ? 100 : 0 $

But it’s not working. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, please?

A couple of possibilities:

  1. Did you place the whole expression in brackets, as in: ($#ZSC#>0&&#ZSC#<200?100:0$)

  2. I understand that you should not have spaces in the expression.

refer: Conditionals | Facer Documentation

which says

Don’t use spaces (" ") before and after part of conditions (wrong: $ #Da# == AM ? 100 : 0 $ right: $#Da#==AM?100:0$)

Ah, I was going by the Facer documentation on booleans, and they use spaces there.

Kinda confusing. Anyway, it’s working without the spaces. Thanks.

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