Need Disdaytime help

Im trying to switch faces determined by day or night, however, if I use (in opacity box)

$#DISDAYTIME#=0?100:0$ it works in creator, but not on watch and phone app (image does not show) but, if I use,

#DISDAYTIME#=0?100:0 it works on watch and phone app, but not in creator (image does not show)

Am I missing something?? this is on a galaxy watch 4

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Welcome to the Facer Community crzzed, where you’ll find loads to learn, and lots of helpful people too.
Opacity TAG for Day = $#DISDAYTIME#==true?100:0$
Opacity TAG for Day = $#DISDAYTIME#==false?100:0$
Obviously the image only shows when it’s the correct time.
Please be aware that the Galaxy 4 is still new, so there’s issues with a lot of things until they iron all the bugs out.
Here’s an example you can click on, then select Rocket-Inspection Icon where you can then view whatever details you want to ok -


Worked like a charm, thanks for the help.


Welcome to the community group !!! @crzzed
This is a group where you can meet designers, programmers, and many good people, who can help you with your questions and ideas that you need …

For now with your question …

With the subject of codes and programming
Facer has its own programming and codes. Which must be used correctly to work in Creator. (Like all the other programs they program)

DISDAYTIME # = 0? 100: 0

In order to work properly, this formula is missing the $ symbol
$ # DISDAYTIME # = 0? 100: 0 $
Also here I show you other interesting information where you can see what types of commands that has, to program …
These commands can be used … having, or not having Facer PRO

Tags :point_left:

Expressions :point_left:

Conditionals :point_left:

Boolean logic :point_left:

Weather condition icon codes :point_left:

Regarding samsung Watch 4 …

For now lately, you are having some issues Watch 4 and Facer … for example … your heart rate on the Facer watch face does not come from Samsung Health. So it will be different from Samsung apps on your watch. Looks like there are some issues for GW4, it’s early for everything to be fixed. Don’t lose faith.

I hope we have been able to help you with your question !!!

enjoy the group

Cordially JDCardozo

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You’re welcome, and as you can see, others have already joined in lol
Be nice to see your creation when you’re finished, if you wouldn’t mind sharing please.

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its finished for now, trying to figure out how to share it on forum, but if you go to site or app and search my name the face is called Joker insanity 2


Here I show you the way to show your work in Facer.comunidad

First you copy the address of your work …
as i show you in the picture

Then you paste it correctly in the space where you write your messages …
(The important thing is to erase the * from the address …) so that it can be seen on the screen …
I show you for example in these images

I hope it has helped you with the issue

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yep it worked, hands, cards, second hand all invert at day/night


First you have to create a new theme here
As the picture show

Then you have to choose the correct type of category
As I show you in the picture …

And everything is going to be magnificent :wink: :+1:

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here is another one, im working on. My fake rolex. glow effect at night.

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I congratulate you on your first job !!! :wink: :+1:

It looks very delicate