Need exact blinking mismatch. Please Help!

Hello to all!

Newbie here! (; As a hobby I decided to start creating watch faces. I did learned a lot of programming for the last couple of months from all the tutorials and answers to other user questions. Thanks! But I couldn’t find anywhere the answer to my question, so… need help please.
On my watch face I am trying to make the MLS and KMS blinking every second one on top another with intervals of 1 second, when one of them hide the other one shows up. I did find some formulas for the blinking but I cant find a way to cross them, not to blink at the same time. I understand what I need to do, just don’t know how. I hope I could explain myself properly, and sorry for my bad English.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know for sure @ozzkosa but I think if anyone would know it’s @Tomas. Let’s see if he does

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Thanks any way for the replay @Orakix I do appreciate it! (;
I’ll wait for someone who can help, or… if not, I will need to change slightly the watch face.



Try this at Transparency: $(#Ds#%2)==1?0:100$

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Thanks for the replay @Ben!

That’s perfect for one of the layers, now if you can help me to make the second layer blinking completely opposite of that, so when you see one of them another one to be invisible. If you can help me I will really appreciate that! I tried everything that I know, but they are blinking at the same time, or the blinking mismatch it’s not correct and eventually after 5 blinks they are one on top another.

Sorry @Ben!

I guess too many hours on this… I just changed “0:100” to “100:0” and it’s just perfect.
Thank you very much!

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Glad it worked out! Thanks @Ben for teaching us both something new.

Thanks again gents!
…and the final result. eLegante - F-1 Wheleer - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Great day!


@Orakix, @ozzkosa I’m glad it was useful… :slight_smile: