Need help animating Fade In/Out

I am creating a watch face for my self since after searching and searching I could not find what I’m looking for.

Are there any expressions or tags that allow me to do something like this:

If ambient mode fade out, if active mode fade it.

This is because I can only put either fade it or fade out into a layer, I need a way to separate the actions based on the watch mode.

If you could share some examples, I would really appreciate it.

Interestingly enough I have manage to find out about the Ambient and Active Mode, its called Low Power Mode…

It now Fades in Properly on Active Mode but doesnt Face Out on Ambient mode…

$#ZLP#==true?(100-(interpAccel(#DWE#, 0, 1, 1)*1000)):((interpAccel(#DWE#, 0, 1, 1)*1000))$

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