Need help finding this watch face

Hi, can someone please identify the watch face on the image if possible. Thank you!!


That looks like someone using GRR style/design, he makes a LOT of Faces similar to and like that
If you can’t find this, I’m sure it would be easy enough for someone else to recreate for you (not an exact copy, as that could infringe on any Copyright that may be present)
. Check out GRR Faces HERE

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It looks like pre-installed Ticwatch pro 3 face called “age of blood”. I guess it would not be hard to mimic it in facer, but why would you want that?


Oh okay, thank you. I actually don’t know, it caught my eye and the more I look at it, the more I appreciate for some reason lol.

Yeah I was looking through the GRR faces but couldn’t find something close to it. Thank you!

I have found one sharper image of it, yet cant figure what are some progress bars showing and whether facer can provide each info. the bottom one is steps, but no idea whether the goal is 10k. The red row above is something that has 20 segments to show max 100. the green one is battery, the top arc has 15 segments, but does it show calories?

Yeah I believe 10k steps seems like the goal for the bottom bar. The 20 segmented bars seem to be the O2 saturation levels (just basing it off of the icon to the far left.) Lastly, the top arc does show calories (1500 calories burned by the looks of it).