Need help! My Watch Face design is laggy!

So I found an awesome art concept on Reddit (I can’t find the original artist anymore to give him/her credit :pensive:) but nonetheless, I created a watchface using the artwork.

After synching it, it’s really laggy on my watch. Not sure why! :frowning:
Can someone help?

Laggy how? Wich part of the watch doesnt work as you espect?

@amagana11 are you testing on a Ticwatch E by any chance? Text outline effects perform really poorly on that device for now. This is tracked for us to fix.

Whenever I wake up my watch (either pressing it or moving my wrist), the text appears in front of a black background, and it takes quite a few seconds to load up the image (if at all, sometimes Gohan won’t load in the background).

Sorry, additionally, whenever I swipe to my watch’s interface options, such as Settings, Contacts, then Features, it lags a little (as opposed to other designers watchfaces where the swipe is smooth).

I’m also using a Moto 360.

@amagana11 Try removing the stroke effect on your text and see if it helps?

I tested on my Fossil Q Explorist and works perfect. I didnt notice anything unusual. :+1:

Hi, I can also recommend using tinypng, that website makes your png files lighter. sometimes if the image has a very big size the sync become laggy. I don’t know whether this is part of your issue but im sure it could help someone.

Thank you @Facer_Official, I will try that!

Thanks @riczurdo, I’ll give that a shot as well!

If the image doesnt have transparency, try also jpg, 72dpi, 960x960 or less.

Thank you everyone! It worked! It’s a helluva lot more smooth!

@riczurdo have you noticed any performance improvements on your own designs when you use tinypng?

I’m going to try using that compressor for my other designs. It definitely helped this one in particular.

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Hi @Facer_Official

Basically, not on my designs :smiley: but I have noticed that the creator platform, usually turns laggy when I use big size images (not sure if that could be because of my browser or my mac), so I prefer trying to optimize everything I do.