Need help pls with multiple orders

Hello gods! Need your advise about bundle orders… For ex.: on this face, the step counter runs out the limits after 12k step goal. How can i create a barrier for it? Or is it possible to give a formula to the rotation and the opacy line too?
Another question, the low power indicator how can be blink and work at 30 percent? Now its simple light up when the power fall under 30 percent. But how can i create multiple orders to it, for blinking too?

Thousand thnx for the help!

OK… step counter solved… workind hand disappear after 12k steps (second formula works on opacy line). Same still image comes after 12k and a green led which indicates the 12k limit overload… But still need the second order on same line…

im Not 100% sure exactly what your after but if you ant the battery light to flash when it reaches below 30% just use this instead of the code you have in opacity #

$#BLN#<=30?(1*sin(#DWFSS#, 0, 2, 2)*100):0$

Whoaaaa man, you are my personal jesus :wink: Its works!!!
And how the step indicatopr looks in this method?
$#ZSC#>12000?(1*sin(#DWFSS#, 0, 2, 2)*100):0$
The key is the (xxx)? The second order goes between them?

Glad i could help anything else you need just ask ok

I would solve it with a second dial and hand with higher values - with opacity on after the 12k limit is reached. You could do this for a 5k stepgoal as well.

Wow… interesting… OK, in the next project will try it… Can U check the flashing green light (step overload led) formula?

Step limiter image… will be pleased if you can check it…