Need help rotating upside down text around the outside

Okay So I have time at the top edge that rotates clockwise around the edge of the watch I have also the abr. day at a -75 with the date at +75. I am trying to put the full month name at the bottom and rotate all of it clockwise. So far everything works great except the month. If I set rotation to +180 the date starts off at the bottom upside down. I am trying to get it to start facing normal at the bottom however when I do not use the rotated 180 my rotation does not come down far enough.

This is my current working expression…

Text : #DMMMM#
X : (160+128sin(rad(#DWFSS#+180)))
Y : (160-128
Font : 36
Rotation : (#DWFSS#+180)
Opacity : 100
Stroke : 100
Width : 160

If I remove the +180 from the rotation the text is not far enough from the axis as it rotates, though the rotation is fine I just need to increase the distance from the center point by 20 though I have not been able to figure out how exactly any help getting this expression to work will be appreciated.


Never Mind I figured it out on my own… it was a lot more easy than I thought… If anyone else needs help with this type of problem… The solution was to add the 20 to the 128 making the formula for x - (160+148sin(rad(#DWFSS#+180))) and the formula for y - ((160-148cos(rad(#DWFSS#+180))) and of course I had to remove the +180 from my rotation and all is well…


Welcome to the Community Wizzdome, and well done for not only working this out yourself, but for sharing it so everyone else can also learn. :+1: