Need help to make designs

Hello im new at this, i want to make faces, but i dont know where do i need to go in this app to start doing it, please someone can help me


From the main Facer page: But check around this forum for a lot of tips and tutorials. And questions will usually get answered by the community here. Have fun!


Welcome to the Facer Community @adoninelli99
You will find lots to learn here, with lots of friendly/helpful people too, and just as kvansant said above, you can find the Creator right HERE

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Welcome and all the Best. As the others have mentioned. I would work on a PC or Laptop. Try get a link to Creator on your desktop. Creator is a bit sticky on a device. Don’t Bother with the Downloadable version of Creator. It needs a lot of resources from your computer and the Internet. Obviously you need a good WiFi Modem and your Host Device / Phone has to have a good connection as well. I find that Bluetooth Connection Watch to Host is Best.
Any questions get straight back here.

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Welcome to the group !!! @adoninelli99
This is a group where you can meet designers, programmers, and many good people, as my colleagues @kvansant , @icrltd4 and @russellcresser have already done … with your question.

Here I show you other interesting information where you can see what types of commands that has, to program …
(I don’t know if you saw it or not, but just in case I’ll give it to you so you can see it)
These commands can be used … having, or not having Facer PRO
It is very interesting and fun !!!

Tutorials - Facer :point_left:

Tags :point_left:

Expressions :point_left:

Conditionals :point_left:

Boolean logic :point_left:

Weather condition icon codes :point_left:

I hope we have been able to help you with your question !!!

Enjoy the group

Cordially JDCardozo

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