Need help with battery indicator

New here and looking for help. I’m trying to add two sub dials, one for a battery level and the other for day of the week. Both dials are semi circles, more of a fuel gauge style (full to empty) then full circle. What I’m having trouble figuring out is how to add the gauge indicator hand that only rotates at a specific range (angle) and not full rotation. Any help you could provide or where I can read up on this, would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Some tips from me for the Battery indicator in dials. Hope that is helpful for you.
If you want different degrees you have to add an muliplikator.

example: rotation

#BLN# only is bad for dials
(#BLN#*3.6) gives you 360° against the clock from 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock
-(#BLN#*3.6) gives you 360° with the clock from 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock
-((#BLN#*1.8)+90) gives you 180° on the x angle with the clock from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock
-((#BLN#*1.8)+180) gives you 180° on the y angle with the clock from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock
-((#BLN#*0.9)+270) gives you 90° with the clock from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock
… and more more more

try out what you need :smile:

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Thanks for your replay. I’ve attached an image of the dials I’m using to give you a visual. How would I write out the tag for these dials? The right one (battery), starting my angle from 12 going CW, degree range would be from 30° (100%) to 150° (0%). Like wise for the left, (day of the week), starting @ 12 going CCW, range would be -30° to 150°. Now for the Day of the Week, how do I get it to stop or move to the designated letter denoting that day of the week.

Once again, I thank you for your time and help and hope I’m not being to much of a bother. I could use all the help I could get, as I yet do not have a grasp on this stuff.

First. Sorry about my bad englisch. Im from Germany and dont write in english so often. :smile:

for battery it’s very easy:

“-” = going with the clock
“1.2” = 120° range from 30° till 150°
“+210” = hand start @30°

Without the “+210” the hand would start @240°.

for the Day of week" its a little bit complicated.
You have to do a conditional


  • if it is monday the hand needs to go to 210°
  • if it is tuesday the hand needs to go to 230°
  • if it is wednesday the hand needs to go to 250°
  • if it is thursday the hand needs to go to 270°
  • if it is friday the hand needs to go to 290°
  • if it is saturday the hand needs to go to 310°
  • if it is sunday the hand needs to go to 330°

conditonals are not my thing. Im also new like you wit the creator and have to practice and practice. :smile:

in progress:

“$…$” = conditional
“?” = if
"#DEEEE# = day full name
“330:0” = °degree

“100:0” = visible or not

You have to add 7 hands
Hand 1 (Monday)
Rotation: $#DEEEE#=Monday?210:0$
Transparency: $#DEEEE#=Monday?100:0$

Hand 2 (Tuesday)
Rotation: $#DEEEE#=Tuesday?230:0$
Transparency: $#DEEEE#=Tuesday?100:0$

Hand 3 (Wednesday)
Rotation: $#DEEEE#=Wednesday?250:0$
Transparency: $#DEEEE#=Wednesday?100:0$

and so on…

I dont know, if it is possible to add that 7 conditionals to one only hand


Thank you very much for your help. Seems to work out just fine.

Is it possible to do this with a usual clock-hand or should I use a different tool to do this.
I’d like to make a Samsung Always-on-display style black 'n white battery indicator. Aswell as one that shows the temperature. Does somebody know how to do this?

Is it possible to have a slight colour difference or something so I can overlay the battery indicator of the smartwatch aswell as the one from my smartphone.

Thanks in advance