Need Help With Dials

I have no idea if this is used still, but I am looking for some help creating some dials.

I need normal 12 hours. but without 1 or 5 as these will be “covered” by stripes

Let me know if you can help It would be greatly appreciated

Sounds like you already found help in Slack? Or do you still need it? :grinning:

@lucky.andrei I still do. But this time for something else. I need help with a 3-6-9-12 numbers.

When I’ve needed to remove some numbers from the dials in the past, I just grabbed a PNG file of the dial, loaded it into or gimp. Grab the eraser tool and your are done.

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I think I can do this for you pretty easily with Affinity Designer. Do you have the png of the 12 numerals or does it need to be created from scratch?
I’m not seeing any way to attach an image to this message. I guess that would be too easy.

Here’s a 3 6 9 12 Template I’ve got saved if it’s any use?

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ur actually a g

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Thanks…I think lol
I’ve no idea what a g means

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u a real one.

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Hell no, I’m just a mild mannered GTA addict :joy:

Don’t forget that you can always add your own Numbers using the Text tool, where you can select different fonts, upload your own font, size your numbers correctly, and position them precisely where you want :grin: