Need help with steps

Need help mentors! The step indicator will work over 10k steps with this method? Created an “over10k” image, but i am not sure that will appear when the number of steps more than 10k… pls someone check it, and if its not fine need a solution… desperately… thnx guys!

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Nice face but sorry, I’m not the right person to check if the steps go over 10,000 :sleeping:

can you check the tags behind the over10k image? its fine?

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Sure happy to, you just need to share a link to your face with Inspection Mode enabled …

In case you need a reminder how …

WTF??? It was enabled… all of my watchfaces enabled… hmmmm… sorry bro upgraded…

dont what the hell going on… from the main site its inspectable, but here not offered the inspection button… nice…


mmm, there does seem to be a problem with published faces.

You could try posting the link in quotes, as in “” . I can then copy it and paste it into the browser.

I tried something else…

If I click on the “share” button on your face preview above, copy the link and paste it into the browser I can see the inspection button.


Ok, so I have looked at your expressions, layout, etc.

A. Your expression for “over 10k” is: $#ZSC#<10000?100000:0$

I believe it should be $#ZSC#>10000?100:0$

That is, greater than 10,000 not less than and you don’t need to set opacity at over 100 ( that is, 100 is the maximum value it can take ).

B. Alternatively, as your “over 10k” layer is at the bottom of the stack of steps layers, and each overwrites the one below it, you could simply set the opacity of the “over 10k” layer to a fixed value of 100 and rely on the layers above it to overwrite it when the step count is less than 10,000

I hope that helps.


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THNX Mike! You are awesome!!!

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You are most welcome and thanks :slight_smile:

Not working, but… $#ZSC#>10000?100000:0$ is fine… but the gauge goes over the marker (228-(#ZSC#/10000*96)) and continue the route around the clock… is there any option to stop the gauge at the goal?

You could try the clamp function …

Where you replace “current” with your expression and set the min and max values you want it to have.

whoaaaa… this is over my knowledge master… but i will try it! THNX again Mike!

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Let me know if can’t get it working and I will see if I can figure out what is going wrong.