Need help with this one

Hi everyone i have put this face together today but im not sure what else it needs if you press the bottom of the face it turns off all the glow effects and if you press the power dial at the top it switchs from watch to phone and also the left display switchs between other displays but i need help to finish this one please


Looking very nice. The only thing I can think of is maybe jazzing up the dim mode with more data and perhaps a layout/background derived from the bright mode.

My suggestions:

Add some gradients to the bottom gear to help jazz it up… the neon effects and glows on everything else makes that area feel left out.

Also the left info panel, I’d space out the Steps/BPM a bit to balance that area out. The weather/temp stuff is balanced well, so it’s jarring switching to Steps/BPM when the other area is laid out nicely.

Great work!

You could make that health content fit better if you change the text to icons possibly. Like a heart and a foot or something.

You should also check the alignment and centre(s) for hands and date-wheel.

Try watching at high speed (in preview mode).

Thanks for all the input guys i have made a few changes and fixed a couple of bugs see what you think

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Cool !

Looking very nice :slight_smile:

Looks great!