Need Help with Transparency Edge

I have a cutout in my image and when I set that against a white background to test, the edges of the circular cutout is showing as a faint grey outline on my watch but not on the creator.

I have 2 version, with anti alias and without, and both have the same problem. Need some advice please.

With Anti alias


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it looks right. did you actually try to design what you wanted with it yet?


The method I will be using would be the same as when I generated this image, which means all my layers will show their outline. So if I can’t solve this problem no use in continuing. Here the watch with inspect mode. I can see the circular outline once sent on my watch but not on the creator.

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I tried to play with your image. I found strange two things.
It was in indexed mode yet still “antialiased”. (This may just be how my program is limited, but I could not replicate such thing).
I tried to pick the color of the transparent pixels and it was black.

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