Need help with weird font outline

Here’s the watch face in question. Below, you’ll see a screenshot of my issue; the black outline behind the numbers becomes askew sometimes on my watch, making a weird shadow effect. Could someone tell me what’s up with that? Thanks!


It’s a facer bug with some Watches

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So nothing I can do?

I looked at the open inspection on the face, you did it correctly. I also tested it out on my Samsung galaxy watch & it works fine. I can’t understand why it would do that. What kind of watch are you using?

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This is a known issue with WearOS watches that has never worked properly. Avoid using stroke or glow on text fields, and see if you can find a cheat or workaround. That’s all you can do I’m afraid

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You, try to avoid stroke and glow, they don’t (always) work well.
You could add 2 more layers below the time with the same font and move one of the x+1 and y+1 and the other x-1 and y-1 to get a similar effect


OOOH smart! I like that!! The text becomes difficult to read without the outline, so I was trying not to ditch it. I like this sneaky workaround.

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Galaxy Watch 4. It’s happened on other faces too, but I just removed the outline. I didn’t want to remove it for this one though.

It’s a WearOS issue. It will render on the watch “at first”, but after it runs awhile, it becomes a “ghost image” of whatever you have used stroke or glow with. I do like @ThaMattie says and just add extra layers behind and shift them enough to make an outline or shadow.

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