Need hlp with rotation offset

Hello !
I am using progress bars with fill ratio i.e. 0.94 for the hour hand , so the bar keeps a little open to present the clock numbers on the level beneath. For the rotation I use (#DWFK#)/360).
The problem is, that I would like the rotation to advance just a few degrees more so i.e at 12 o’clock position, the open segmet of the progress bar starts at 58 and ends at 02. Currently its open from 56 to 00

Thank you

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Is this what you mean?

This uses:

Fill: 0.94
Rotation: (#DWFK#+12)

Note that the rotation field is in degrees and #DWFK# returns the hour rotation in degrees ( ie. 1 hour rotation of the hour hand is 30 degrees ). So, 12 degrees is equivalent to a rotation of 2/5 of an hour on the hour scale and 2 minutes on the minute scale ).

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Ah. That easy ! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, solved it !!

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You are welcome :slight_smile: