Need some help please

why cant i see the laucher in facer pro

Do you mean the “App Launcher”?

That should be available by adding a new element.

i dont see it when I add an element

Well, I can only advise that you

  • add an App launcher element
  • move the App Launcher to where you want it
  • make it large enough
  • make interactive areas visible

then you should see something like this:

Mine dont have that is it because its apple


AH! Yes, I see!

I am afraid Apple watch faces creation in Facer does not have all the features as with WearOS.
Interactivity, app launches, and animation are not possible. Facer has not been granted this by Apple unfortunately. Perhaps in the future…

You would have to leave the areas as is and use native apple stuff.

Apple watch does not support all features