Need some help with expressions

OK, here is what I am trying to do:
I would like to have a circle move up and down based on specific dates. The circle should be on the highest point on 6/21 and on the lowest point on 12/21. As you can imagine I cannot use just simple math with adding and deducting the day numbers as I need to cross the year border. So far I have it like the below, but the “OR” seams not to be working. Any Idea what I have wrong.

Circle 1: $#DD#>356?100:0$
Circle 2: $357<#DD#||#DD#<173?100:0$
Circle 3: $#DD#<173?100:0$

Thanks a lot

Hopefully someone who is good at Math will help you soon adyhr

can you explain a bit more i cant understand why you need to cross the year it seems very simple if you show me a drawing of what you need to achieve i will sort it for you

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The idea is to display the horizon based on the date. The closer you get to June 21 the more sky you would see, and the closer you get to December 21 the more of an image of the earth :earth_americas: you see. Crossing the year is because the days start to get longer from December 21 until June 21 and with that I have to cross the year. The final version is to include a dimming function to get from daylight to dark during sunset or dawn. I don’t have any images yet to show…thanks for the help

dazstacey is brilliant at Math, he’s always helping me and others
As long as you can explain or show him precisely what you’re trying to do, he’ll sort it out for sure…

ok i think i understand the idea in my opinion tho the best and most universal way to achieve this would be to have the earth move up and down according to the amount of daylight hours in each day that way it would work in most time zones it should also give a very smooth movement through out the year and wont need you to try to calculate it for yourself if you would like i can create a demo for you to examine

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That would be awesome, but it probably would only address one thing.

This is what I try to improve on. This is a standard face from suuntu.

this works but you cant test it in the demo suite only on the watch and on the phone app


Thanks a lot, looking good so far. On a different topic, I unfortunately found that I can’t put conditions on sequences (for weather animations). Must go back to the old way of doing that…:thinking:

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you mean transparency on sequences there is another way just place the condition in the x or y coordinates and when its off move it to -999 that places it off the screen

OK, tried it but found that I only get the first image of the sequence to show. Its about the weather images. Maybe there are to many sequences in my design.

Never mind, figured it out… thanks a lot for the help. There is one more thing I need to figure out. I would like to have the sunrise time one the left edge of the globe and the sunset time on the right, like where the horizon meets the edge of the watch…