Need Some input on this one please guys

Built this mainly to test out some features i have been working on but i like the face so need input as to weather its worth finishing or not


I like the colors and the subtle design and rotating shadows as they are not so obtrusive, the animation of the gears is awesome

I would suggest: 1. the color of the 3, 9 and 12, they look washed out and 2. maybe slow down the color change of the hands

I Agree with @ozarour.
Color of the hands is too fast
The color and maybe position/font of 3,9 and 12 seems wrong, just doesn´t fit the watch

I think the lower gear moves too fast
On the top gear you have added the watch battery on the right side? seems like it. Maybe on the left side you can add the phone battery and make it a little more symmetric.

Overall it has potencial, i like the “bezel” a lot

I love the colours and the design is cool as always!