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I have made this watchface based on the game The Division, but I need some help on it. lameskydiver - The Division - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

I have recently got an Asus Zenwatch 3, and the watchface seemed kind of choppy on the watch. I would like to know if this is a problem with the design, or a problem with the watch I have. I am guessing my watch has to take few days to work optimally?

Also within the large inner ring the battery indicator is supposed to be there, but I can’t seem to get it work on the watch. Any help for both cases would be appreciated.

Loads on Samsung S3, if the battery indicator is in 4 o’clock position it shows 100% which is not correct

Does the animation works smooth for you without lag? And the battery indicator is supposed to be brightened in the inner circle with each part dissappearing at the rate of 33% counterclockwise. Think you were looking at the humidity level instead.

rotation is smooth, can’t see battery indicator not sure what you mean by: “within the large inner ring the battery indicator is supposed to be there”

Sorry if my explanation is under par. What I meant is that the large circle layer above the rotating layer is supposed to be an indicator for the battery. At full, the circle is meant to be brightened up with bright orange instead of darker brown color. Starting from upper left section, the bright orange layer is supposed to be losing its color respectively at 66%, then at 33%. Basically, all 3 parts of the circle are lightened up at full, below 66% only 2, and below 33% only 1.

However I am quite certain that there is definitely something wrong though, so I would have to do more research to make it work.

You’ll need to add a conditional to the transparency of each of the four quadrant images that you want to change/appear as the battery discharges:


hope this makes sense

Yeah I copied the codes for transparency from older post. Changing the code to yours and removing the parenthesis think solved the issue. I will update if it actually works now.

Good news, your code is working nicely. Thanks for your help!

Thanks, but I can’t take credit for any code, I know nothing of code, just cut and paste from what I’ve either had help with from Mellin, who BTW writes some amazing code, or found on other watches. Happy facing

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Haha at least you helped a newcomer here. Thanks again!