Need someone to check Dim mode!

I am asking for the help.
Task is to check, is watch working correctly in DIM mode or not? Because, as one reviewer said:

“Sorry!:pensive: to say the COLUMNIST and GENTLEMAN watch faces freeze up in the dark mode. If you can fix I really like the GENTLEMAN face. Thank yo…”

Can’t check issue by myself, because don’t have any smartwatches (as well as my friends).


Looks okay on both Android Wear and Tizen on our side:

Thank you!
Now I need to figure out how to reply second time on that person’s review!

Hi Igor,

I’ve noticed that both faces keep updating the seconds while in DIM mode.
As far as I know, some whatches do not update these values as often in DIM mode in the process of saving power.

Because of that, I personally do not use any tag below the minutes on the DIM mode,

My 2 cents,

Thank you, Pierre!

I think, right now I am going to leave seconds as they are, but in future going to think about another element to replace them (maybe symbols changing once in hour).

Btw, Is dim mode standard to every smartwatch? Or this is special Facer feature?