Need someone to design for me

Can anyone help me by designing a watch face that is useable for someone who works night shift. It would also need to be tactical. Thank you

Hi @barto758,

may I ask you, what exactly would you need?

Maybe there is already such a watch face available :wink:

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What system of ‘shift work’ do you have?

Do you need to track a schedule and calendar rotation?

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Yes some examples of similar design elements would help.

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I work at night and need a watch face that will not blind me while in dim mode or in regular mode. I have made a very basic one, but I am looking for something more interesting to have. The watch face I made is called working the night shift. Something like this but with .steps, weather, and location. I also have a pic of a gshock I like, but can’t upload it for some reason.

Okay that shouldn’t be too hard. Digital time then I’m assuming?

That’s correct, digital time and military time as well.

The other example I have is called Explorer Rally Digital B mode

Here is one I’ve designed. Should have most of the features you are looking for. Could make it a little darker for low light.

I have this one saved as a favorite. My only issue is that in dim mode it is a very bright white. Is there a way to make the dim mode darker?

I can make a version for low light to make it not so bright in dim mode. Is that the only request?

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Yes sir, a low light version would be wonderful. If you can keep the white out of the normal mode, that would be preferred, its not conducive for maintaining night vision

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Here is the link to the low light Verizon. Hope it works well for you.

I will test it out tonight and let you know. Thank you for making the changes.


The active mode is perfect!
Is there any way you could make the dim mode text color gray (#423f3f) instead of white? The dim mode it still too bright. Also, if you would allow it in your design, could you just have the time and date active in dim mode?

Thank you

That’s no problem. I will make those adjustments.

I have made the changes. Hope that works out well for you.

I will test it out tonight and let you know. Thank you sir.

The new updates are not applying to my watch. Is there a different link?