Neon blacklight arms glow effect set

Hey guys this is a first in a series of arms that I want to to also give to community back that’s giving so much to me… That’s all u Facer guys and gals… My sets will all be small at first but will get bigger in time. Very busy real world haha. This is a re release of a great release. Its from the 3d hands part 2 (CyberCop). A masterpiece of arms. Please go check out in the forums if u have not. I just added light and a nice glow effect. I will be release more of these arms from CyberCop as I did this one cause it was also a request. I will also be releasing some of my creations arms that made.

(: as always any feed back always welcome and love u Facer family.


Here what i did with it to give a little ideal. Lol Im sure yall can do alot better. See yall soon.


Very nice :+1:


Thanks so much icrltd4.

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