Neon Pop Art by RAVEN

Back to the good “old” 80s …
What is your opinion before I publish it again?

I like the general idea and font. My suggestions would be:

  • The smaller texts are too small for the same font to fully display all separate lines. Which is not bad, but it is not very pretty too. Maybe slightly larger or different font would look better.
  • The sparkling circle animation is not a seamless loop. I don’t know if this can be made any better, but as it rotates it also pulses. I would check if the non-rotating version of falling or rising bluish sprites would not be more natural. The rotating seconds could be just one small flashing lightning arc.

I’ll test it, I’ve already tried a different font in advance and it didn’t look so great.

Yes, I was also a bit upset about that, but since I can’t take more than 25 pictures and actually need 36 for that, it was a compromise.
But let’s see how I can still manage it.

Maybe try to discard every other or every third frame and adjust the overall animation time.
And also would leave text pink even in dim mode.

You’re right

I will get to work :see_no_evil:

I’ve found on some of my faces, when I have more pictures than can be used, I skip every other one. With you having 36 I would use 18 starting 36, 34, 32 etc.

Don’t forget there are online places that you can easily edit your frames for gifs on, I use this one regularly - EZGIF

That all seems to look and work quite good, the colour scheme is not to my liking I will admit, but it does all work.

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Thank you, but I do it all with the good ADOBE products…have everything from Photoshop to Illustrator there.

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