Never Seen THIS On Facer Before. (Square Verson Only)

I’ve seen the Google style progress seconds on Facer, and I even found the coding for it here in the community. BUT I’ve never seen it done on a square watch face before. So, as far as I know, this will be a Facer square watch first. MAG 1722 (Switch to a square face for the effect)


Yeah. I did a studio clock second on my Square Round face bubehind a mask. That is a nice bit of work Man. So you Coul have a Ghost for the actual readings of the metrics.


I think it works really well Rusty, nicely done my friend, but I actually think it looks better on the round Faces :laughing: Personally, I’d make the Seconds ring a little wider, probably twice as wide, but that’s just me :grin:
P.S. Sorry to say this, but it’s not a first; a few of us were playing around with the different colours a little while ago (but not for Square as well, so that is probably a first) :shushing_face:


Yes, I probably didn’t make myself clear. (English is my second language, Redneck is my first. :laughing:) I was trying to say that multicolor square second’s progress is the first one I’ve seen on Facer. All the others have been round. It was one of those, “I wonder if I can do that” moments that got it going. :grin:


Great job Sir :clap: