New 12/24 hour watch face

Hi guys this is something different from my normal stuff tell me what you think please


very interesting can I ask, how did you create the ticker style animated weather text?

its only a standard text scroller under a semi transparent mesh of the same colour

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what is a standard text scroller is there an expression for that in Creator?

no sorry i will explain

Now we can set the exact width of the text field it is possible to scroll text in the same way we can images just by setting the text field width. I.E a text field with a width of 320 can be scrolled by creating the following


in the x coordinates of the text advanced settings Where i have 0.13 that is the speed control and the 320 is the text width you just set. 160 is the first starting point

now to make it look seemlessly all you need to do is replicate the same text field and change the 160 to 480 that puts 1 frame behind the other and then it will scroll round the screen. the calculations are quite simple the 480 is just 320 plus your first starting place of 160 ok.

I hope this helps


amazing, thank you I’ll give it a go

Cool design. And thanks for the explanation on the scrolling text.

Thanks mate and no problem hope it helps so we can all use a few more text fields in our faces in my opinion i think it gives us the ability to fit a bit more readable info on the screens.

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Thanks also from me.

I’m trying your formula for scrolling text and it’s not working in the Creator for some reason. I’ve been using another version of scrolling that is working for me “((360-(((#DWFSS#)*7)))+140)” that was used as a weather scrolling formula in four sections. Same as the first one except that last part is +700), +1260), and +1850) in the last three texts. I’m just trying to figure out how to make yours work. I’m wondering if some of the formula got clipped out by the forum. Could you clarify for the slower among us. (Namely me. :grin:) Thanks!

I have created this demo so you can view it in inspection mode


Excellent, thank you. BTW the forum did strip off some of your original coding you posted. It took the * away from every #DWE# and showed your code as (160-(320*(((0.13)#DWE#)-(floor((0.13)#DWE#))))) instead of (160-(320 * (((0.15) * #DWE# )-(floor((0.15) * #DWE# ))))). I’ve added spaces like others have done to keep the forum from removing them again. (I hope it worked) Again THANK YOU very much for your help and the Scroll Demo face.

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