New 25fps collection

Hi all, I am starting a new collection called 25fps, basically testing gif style animations
Here is the first in the series but I hope to produce some fun and funky faces using this technique.

Also does anybody know if you can have a looping animation that last longer than 1 second?

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Hey @TIKTOK you should take a look at @eradicator09 's work. He and @Mellin have spent a bunch of time on this math. @eradicator has built a zillion of this technique. He has tutorials as well.


The best you can do for a looping animation is 2 seconds. You can do longer animations, but they won’t loop.

If you do longer animations you will want to consider the overall performance versus the FPS you choose. Here was the testing results after the latest update from Facer. Only engine is orange, new is blue:

The total number of frames (as well as image size) will impact performance. So I try to stick to 12-15 fps on 1 and 2 second loops. 6-8 FPS if I do a long duration one.

Thanks @eradicator09 very helpful, the issue I’m having is I can’t test performance as I can’t sync my faces to my watch anymore, I’m back on the iPhone and the app is terrible plus when I try to sync through web browser that doesn’t work either. so the 2 gif facers I have created so far are untested in my eyes to how they perform on the watch.