New and Improved Bender/Futurama


I normally don’t comment much on theme based faces but using the arms instead of just placing basic hands on is good.

My only suggestion would be to keep the shoulder ball shadow underneath the shoulder somehow instead of rotating with it. Little bi of extra work, but probably worth it for final effect. I may be wrong though and his shoulder does actually rotate around inside a much larger cavity

Even more work for a future revision might be to animate Bender’s legs each side of a step count. He’s not hoing to bend down for a beer if there are 3 more in easier reach. The animated shoes are great though. Kind of what gave me the idea of Bender feet animation.

One of the more readable theme watches though. Nice one.

hes walking now , but enough beer will always be out of range for this alcoholic.


It’s walked away :frowning: