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New Apple Watch user

Hi All - complete newbie here, so not sure how all this works.

Am not really looking for another monthly or yearly subscription, assuming that I cannot buy individual faces?

If i was to subscribe, get the face I wanted, guessing when I unsubscribe, I would lose access to that face?



Yes, you are correct in that guess. Once you drop Premium you lose all the Premium watchfaces you have been using.


Shame . I have never subscribed but have bought faces in the past that are still in my Watch box . I do not think that is a gift of Facer Plus .
I don’t know if you can Buy Faces outside of premium these days .
Don’t know a Lot do I . perhaps I should leave it to others .

It all seems very unfair after subscribing to lose them All.

@russellcresser & @IanM

You can purchase individual watchfaces in the app and they are yours to keep. If you have premium and “borrow” a premium watchface you can use it so long as you remain a premium user. I’m not sure about purchasing premium faces while being a premium user because I am not premium and have no desire to upgrade to that also.

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