New B Sharp face - A Flower is a Lovesome Thing

One for Mother’s Day… or any day!

A Flower is a Lovesome Thing

This is the title of a gorgeous Billy Strayhorn composition, and it seemed to me an appropriate name for this watch face.

The white flower petal is the hour hand. Watch as the flower spreads open as the day advances, and then closes again into the evening. The sun indicates the minutes. I tried to imagine and create the flower as something I believe could be realistically achieved as a mechanical complication.

Usually I’d be tempted to stick the date on there somewhere, but I think the design is most effective without it. But this is another one I’ll certainly develop further with Hybrid Mode and multiple themes if I have the chance later.

btw, the dial plate is supposed to be abalone, hopefully it doesn’t require too much squinting or drinking to see it as such :slight_smile: Everything as always is drawn entirely from scratch in photoshop.

lastly, thanks to @lucky.andrei for some speedy help converting my lua script to Facer expressions so I could get the flower complication working!



Great, and thank you :blush:

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Very, very nice.
While, as a design and theme, it looks like something totally different of everything I’ve seen of you so far, it is also exactly like everything I’ve seen of you so far, when looking at realism of materials and details. Kudos!

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Thanks @ThaMattie . I would agree:) this is really the only project I’ve done that was conceived as a ladies watch design so I guess it was bound to be different from my others.

here’s an alternate version. Abalone now is mother of pearl, new matte finished guilloche, different colors, and also now a butterfly instead of a sun for the minute hand. I put a date on it, but then took it off. It’s really best without. That will have to wait for the premium version with Hybrid mode.


Great stuff - working on something along the same lines (sort of), but probably not as good as this. Keep up the good work!

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Very nice.
I like concepts which present time different from the norm, but are still useable to tell time.

This takes it even further with high quality execution and graphics.

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Very unique time-telling action! Love the colors and textures.

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thanks guys!

it is not only looks good as smart watch face.I think it will looks very elegant if this is a real watch.

Thanks Jimmy! I guess I’d say my mindset when designing faces is imagining them as real watches, my fantasy is to see one made some day :slight_smile:

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