New B Sharp Kaleidoscope watch face

Continuing with the lockdown daily watch face… here’s a new variation of my Kaleidoscope face. An earlier version of this face was I believe the first face I published to Facer. Now 2 months later its # 60!

This is the no-lume version in the preview, but I also published a version that is the same except also has a lume for dim mode.


Nice effect and a true finearts watch face.

Thanks @GAUSS ! And I sometimes am searching for the best way to label some of my designs, I like the term “Fine Arts Face”, so thanks for that too :smiley:

I like this one (well, the lume version), only thing I would change is remove the second hand in dim mode. Other than that, really nice looking crisp graphics, awesome lume effect, very classy no nonsense face!

thanks @ThaMattie ! The seconds hand is repurposed as battery indicator in dim. (both versions). I like to have power level on every face, but I don’t always want to clutter up the layout.

Superbe ! beau travail :slight_smile:

Ah, I see that now, then the only thing I would change is a smooth animation from battery to seconds upon activation :wink:

By the way, in your profile banner I see “Moonglow” but cannot find it, is it not available on facer?

I like that idea… Maybe I can figure that out now after the struggle getting that other transition working :slight_smile:

The profile banner pic has faces that I haven’t ported to Facer yet including Moonglow. I should update that banner now that I have so many faces up here.