New B Sharp - Skylark Tourbillon (now published)

well, in the casual poll moon phase appears to have an insurmountable lead over tourbillon. So I defiantly have published the tourbillon version of this new design first :slight_smile: Moon phase edition will be forthcoming.

This face for whatever reason translates surprisingly well to the small watch screen, and totally by luck, not from specific intent, it even makes the dreaded black ring on the Fossil practically unnoticeable.

Enjoy this fee release! A future paid version would/will include multiple themes and Hybrid Mode to display essential smart watch info. Follow B Sharp to never miss a new release. And follow B Sharp on Instagram at:


nice tourbillon on that one :wink:

@ThaMattie well there’s no unsightly bridge. :grin:

Looks really good!

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Their @parasbajaj2cool !