New category: TSTN-LCD (Monochrome)

I would like to suggest a new category …

Watch faces that are based on “Thin-film Super-Twisted Nematic” (TSTN) LCD, and must therefore have only: monochrome (unless pre-colour/filtered), use only pre-defined content (shapes, pixels) locations, maintain minimum separation between elements, and (therefore) be of limited complexity.

One of the latest Tic Watch designs has an added ‘FSTN layer’, for much longer battery life …

TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch, Layered Display, NFC Payments, Google Assistant, Android Wear, Compatible with iOS and Android (Black)

And, in a throwback to the 80s and the film Blue Thunder, my second prototype: (first one still under wraps)

I had this watch! Was my special treasure!

Don’t know where it is now but i saw it’s worth a lot nowadays.

Does someone want to ‘take it and run with it’, and make a true replica of a Casio 103 module based watch? :

Whoever wants to make this damn cool thing - here are more Informations and some better pics:

I can´t create it because of copyright violation - premium designer are not allowed to build clones.

Greetings, GAUSS

Further encouragement: (for some reason, they don’t allow upload of .svg files)

Casio 103 - analog v0.1

Updated (work in progress), based on better quality images of device: