New design 12 paintings Problem with app

My new design works but is not showing all pics in app only on computer, does anyone know why?


@beatnickjones Well I wonder if it is a memory issue. I presume you pasted the Tag Maths in for each Image , meaning they are all Identical . The apps sometimes let you down a bit especially with Circular Progress. The apps can be a bit picky with Syntax . I will have a look at it.

I notice in the Tags List #Dh# is not recommended and you don’t want to use #Db# . Try #DK# you will have to renumber your image tags see #DK# is 0-11
Round your Width height numbers for neatness.
Try == instead of =
Dump the leading Zero on you integers.

I wonder about copyright issues , but I see a lot of people use some of those Images and you are not selling the Face.


Thanks russell, The first thing i tried was to remove the zero from 1-9 and that worked, thanks for all the advice and checking it for me , its amazing how a simple 0 in code can make the app not work properly when it still works on pc .

I hope you dont mind me asking 2 questions in relation to your homepage.

  1. How do you add a most liked link next to your favorites ?
  2. How do you add motion sensor to your watches, is it a upgraded membership thing?
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Yeah any code is so toucy about synyax. Even Basic was touchy. But some coding platforms flag up your errors sometimes they give you a clue what is wrong. Unfortunately Facer has nothing. The only clue is the little number above the Tag Box to the right. There must be a number there and hopefully it is the one you expect.
My memory is very poor. I will have to remind myself how I made the Mosts Favourites Folder. I will get back to you on that.

Motion Detection.
You do not have to go pro or Premium.
I could write a book about it.
Most watches have a Gyro and an Accelerometer.
If you Google that you will see the do different job.
Facer has the tasks confused a bit.
However it is working Realy well now.
Gyro Please don’t go there and it cannot be simed on the apps.
accelerometerRaw will do most things we want to do beyond science.

I use two effects Fade and Flip.

But I don’t want to go and deeper than that here.
I invite you to inspect one of my Recent Watches where it is working and take the guts out. You can preview the effect in the apps, on a Phone is best.

I would only ask for a modest credit if you get there.

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Here we are.
Has to be done on a PC not a device.

Looking forward to seeing your special collection. I made mine because I have just too many I liked : )

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@beatnickjones I will PM you : )

very cool. thanks

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