New design: RP Carbon 1X61

Hope you like it!


Very Nice!

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Thanks!! :slight_smile:

That does look great! My only concerns is that it appears to not have a dim mode and the second hand seems like it might be just a touch to thin. Love the design though. Good work.

Thanks! Tweaking it is on my ‘to do’ list :slight_smile: I’m slowing down a little because I have a giant workload and also so I don’t burnout on Facer :slight_smile: Plus I’m still waiting to hear if I’ll be made a premium designer :smiley:

Not a bad plan, burning out on anything you enjoy sucks. Honestly when I clicked on this post I thought it was a new one then after I wrote my reply I noticed it said 4 months later. I didn’t expect that. HAHA

Very nice. Will definetly be adding to my list of favorites

Haha yes this is one of the old designs that I had forgotten about a while ago :smiley: I will go back and tweak my early ones at some stage

Thanks! Enjoy :slight_smile: