New design s-32 NX

Hello everyone! I recently made this design, and I would like to know your opinions and advice, it is a design that seeks to be versatile, providing information and style. Leave me your comments, I really appreciate it!


You did a great job there, well done, it looks quite good :+1:

It looks good as it is. Maybe there could be little more contrast between the background areas and the hands could have separate layer for the sahdow - not just fixed to one side of the hand.

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Muito bonito…parabéns

Very nice face, but I agree with Petruuccios, it needs some extra dimension depth, contrast and shadowing of the hands to make it less flat. Perhaps - but it’s a personal thing - also that nice red for the others hands. Try some things out there, a white triangle on top or a moving coil in the opening of the hands to make them more dynamic.They are really beautiful to look at, those hands.
Let’s keep on facing. Patrick