New Designer Interview Series: Say hello to TACTWO TACTICAL!

At Facer, one of the things that excites us the most is seeing the incredible creativity of the designers using our platform to define what watchmaking means in the digital age, and in a broader sense push “fashion tech” forward. To help shed some light on the creative minds behind this revolution, we are starting a new articles series which will feature interviews with some of the most popular designers on Facer: “The Designer Interview Series”.

To kickstart it, who better than TACTWO TACTICAL, the brain child of German designer Norman Oertel, whose faces are some of the most synced on Facer today. With inspiration from the past featuring analog elements mixed with sleek futuristic design language, TACTWO TACTICAL has a style of his own.

Read the interview at


Enjoyed the article. Was a great read to hear from other designers. @TAC2TAC thanks for the shout out. Your work is impressive and I think we all learn from each other.


I have no doubts that @tac2tac is probably one of the most successful designers on Facer.
Almost all your watchfaces have always amazed me.
Excellent work. Keep it up


Keep up the great work!

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Hi Norman @TAC2TAC , Congratulations!

In the first place for being the winner of the last contest! And secondly for being the first to start this series of interviews! I want you to know that the adoration for the designs of the other is mutual. Many of your designs are of my adoration too, again thanks for naming me in your interview!

Keep up your good work!

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I want to thank you all for the commendation @eradicator09 @313 @angelodefensor @GRR - I really appreciate that!

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